Hello World

Anyone who knows me, knows I like it steamy.

They also know that in early 2015, I left my job as an editor and writer in Sydney, Australia, to begin a new adventure.

The sexy adventure of erotica.

Naturally, it was one part exciting, and one part terrifying, but as a friend and ex-editor of mine said:

‘Jack. They always say you should write what you know.’

So I am. Allow me to introduce, Oscar.

Oscar is me. Well, he’s a fantasy version of me that allows me to play out scenarios and situations I have indeed personally experienced, but then turn into linear storylines with starts, middles and ends.

As far as I’m aware my actual life story is still going …

Yep, still alive.

Over the next year or so as I write and then self-publish my series, titled Oscar Down Under (#ODU), I’m going to use this space to help promote my work, as well as force my hands to keep writing and not procrastinate the time away (usually three or four times a day after turning myself on at my keyboard).

Too much information? Just you wait.

For the time being, I shall simply say thank you to everyone who believes in me and has given me buckets of support so far. Watch this space: there’s so much more to come.

Pun intended.

5 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Great stories on Nifty. Often times the writing there is moderate at best. i could tell you knew what you were doing… pun intended… LOL Thanks… Keep writing.


  2. Hi man. Just thought of telling you what a great story you are building here, I do hope you keep going because I so want to see this character grow. Have a nice day.


    1. Hi Henry! SO sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m officially useless, but hopefully you’re still following and watching Oscar grow. Book number one will be finished soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates. Cheers mate.


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