Oscar Down Under: New Beginnings

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I reckon it’s more.

Look at that one. The plane. What does a tiny plane in a blue and white sky mean to you? What words come to mind?

Some people might think “metallic” and “tube” “hurtling” through the “air”. Others might think “hot sand” between “toes” or the “crash” of “warm waves” against “exotic shores”.

They’d be right. The possibilities are endless.

For me I see somewhere new and exciting. Somewhere of untold adventures and surprises around every corner. I think of a whole new world half-a-planet away.

But that’s the beauty of hindsight, isn’t it?

If Oscar knew what was waiting for him at the end of his 23-hour journey from London to Sydney, his story would be entirely different.

If, when he saw his plane, he saw more than the walk in the park he assumed the glistening Emerald City would be, he wouldn’t have naively sauntered his way on board. I’m not even sure he would have let himself be sealed in.

I don’t think he was brave enough.

Luckily, he couldn’t know: those untold possibilities didn’t exist yet. And thank the fluffy white heavens for that, because he needed to know nothing.

He needed to think he knew it all so he could unlearn everything and begin again as the person he deep down wanted to be.

Australia, for him, and for me, needs more than a thousand words.

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