Oscar Down Under: Australia

Have you ever needed to escape and just get away from it all?

We’ve all been there. Or at least know someone who has.

Nothing’s going right. No one understands. Life sucks.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could disappear and start my life over?

That’s what Oscar was thinking five years ago, sat in his tiny bedroom in London, scrolling through the same headless torsos on Grindr and wondering why he was always alone.

Unlike the rest of us, however, he was given a chance.

Even though he didn’t realise it at the time, in the rapid three-beat of a message, the universe, in its infinite glory, offered him an opportunity not just on a plate, but wrapped in a strong, handsome bow to escape and start again.

To be someone different. Someone better.

Of course it didn’t happen overnight. He had to work for it. There was more sadness and more heartache before he saw the light (if you will). But, on the other side of the planet, he did see it.

His wish came true.

And while everyone knows running away never solves any problems, sometimes the answers you’re looking for only come clear after you’ve found yourself.

Wherever that may be.

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PS: The picture up there is of a card I was given on the fourth anniversary of my time in Australia by my then boyfriends (married couple). The big red rock in the background is Uluru (or Ayers Rock), a massive sandstone monolith and one of the most sacred sites in Aboriginal culture. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve got itchy feet. Polyamorous or not.


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