Nifty: Oscar B.A. Part 19

Oscar finds Harry with Toby, however, he soon learns there’s more to this sticky situation than meets the eye.

Oscar B.A. Part 19

Thankfully Harry thought I was talking to him.

`Oscar,’ he said, snatching up his t-shirt from the floor and pulling it on. His sublime toned back tensing. Panic in his eyes. `I thought you weren’t coming home tonight. I mean, it’s late, and after this morning.’

Redressed in a tight, deep purple t-shirt that complemented his smooth skin, blue eyes and blond hair, Harry stood from the bed and walked over. Put his hand on Toby’s flawless, muscled shoulder and gently pulled him back from the door frame. Took his place between us.

Black skinny jeans on his legs. His feet bare. His fly open.

I clocked it and raised my eyebrows. Harry’s face flashed red and he reached down and closed it in less than a second. At the same time Toby pulled on his own shirt – a white tank top from the top of a pile of denim – pulled up his zip a lot slower and leaned against a vintage Cinzano poster tacked to the right wall of the narrow room.

Smiled at me.

`Am I interrupting something?’ I said, my face dead-pan.

My mind raging with warring emotions.

The most prominent: fear. Fear that Toby had tracked down Harry somehow, so he could spill my secret. If he had, I’d just walked into the furious storm of a teen scorned…

Continue reading the next chapter of Oscar Bachelor of Arts here.

Please be advised the above link will take you to a story that contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18, or if it’s prohibited in the country of your residence.

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