Nifty: Oscar B.A. Part 20

With Toby keeping Harry busy, Oscar meets Richard for dinner. But maybe this tall, handsome stranger is darker than Oscar thinks.

Oscar B.A. Part 20

It’s obvious what happened next: Harry came back into his room and right back into my life.

Not that he’d really left.

For a fleeting moment, as I’d climbed the twisting square stairway to our dorm floor, my body still aching in places I didn’t know could ache, I’d had a taste of freedom.

Told myself that greater things were on the horizon and Harry and I were done. A mantra repeated, over and over until I’d believed it, ensconced in Aston Martin leather.

Richard: the only man for me. Me: finally doing the right thing.

But, when Toby had opened the door, seducing me with undeniable logic and carnal beauty deep inside rich, hazel eyes, I’d cast away my good intentions quicker than he’d dropped to his knees.

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Please be advised the above link will take you to a story that contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and S&M themes, and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18, or if it’s prohibited in the country of your residence.

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