Rainbow Advent Calendar – The Epiphany Party

Ho ho ho, who fancies a short Christmas romance? Find my story on Amazon here.

Happy holidays one and all,

This year, I was lucky enough to be a part of the Rainbow Advent Calendar, a great big Christmassy giveaway organised by the superhuman and very talented, Alex Jane.


In a chestnut shell (sorry), every year Alex manages to corral a bunch of us writers (think herding kittens but in tiny Santa hats), and asks us to write a Christmas-themed story, with all the trimmings, which we then give as our gift to you, our readers, over the month of December.

Amazing, right?

My story, The Epiphany Party, is a modern gay romance short story. Think contemporary queer lit meets Barbara Cartland, a style different to my current series, but something I’ve always wanted to have a stab at.

Find my story on Amazon here.

Big love,


PS: if you like my story, be sure to check out the other talented authors here, or say hi and tell us what you think over at the Facebook group.

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