Nifty: Oscar B.A. Part 23

Oscar and Laurie’s paths finally cross, but does Oscar have any chance at all?

Oscar B.A. Part 23

They say people come in all shapes and sizes, and unless you’re a model at an Andrew Christian white party, they’re not wrong.

But life is more than shapes and sizes. Fleeting surface qualities too many of us either can’t seem to see past, or put far too much importance in.

Mankind is beautiful for its imperfections and eccentricities. Gems found deeper, under the skin. Treasures in people who know there’s more to life than what they see.

These people, just by being, refuse to go with the flow. They’re naturally averse to blending in regardless of how generic they seem or try to be.

Inside, they’re unique.


Which is wonderful. I love diversity. Thrive on it.

Even as a thankless, feckless, manipulative teen, I found myself naturally repelled by beige buffets of most varieties. I liked the weirdos and the freaks, because I was one.

Not that I knew at the time.

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Please be advised the above link will take you to a story that contains explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18, or if it’s prohibited in the country of your residence.

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